The blog is back, baby! But in a new form. I’ve had the idea for a post about eating, dieting, and diabetes for a long time, but after several years, I still don’t have the motivation to flesh it out. So I’m trying something different.

One of my struggles throughout life has been remembering the media I consume. I don’t mean that I forget what things I’ve already seen, played, listened to, etc (though I did recently start Mother 3 only to realize that I had spent many hours playing it just a few years ago). I mean that I don’t remember most of the details about these things. It’s very frustrating, and embarrassing to be geeking out with someone over something that we both love, but not really remembering any of the specific things they mention. I think that writing down some of my thoughts so that they stick in my head better will address this issue (hopefully). And maybe it will improve my critical analysis of media, though that’s not what I intend to write about.

So that for now that is what my blog will be. This whole idea might be better if I just posted my thoughts on Twitter, but that would require me logging into, and that’s a terrible idea. Also, this post at least has been written almost entirely using voice typing, so the formatting might not be pretty.

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